Ken Adair


I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, which I truly consider to be the greatest city in the world. I was raised by amazing parents and grew up with a sister that I admire and love with all my heart. My sister graduated from the University of Oklahoma and I decided to follow in her footsteps. I had an awesome time in college and built a ton of friendships while gaining a great deal of experiences that I will never forget.

After college, I started my career in the medical field and then took my talents to an inside sales position to better my sales ability. Later in life, a recruiter for Pursuit reached out to me and provided me with an opportunity to be a part of something that could not only better my career, but strengthen me as a person. 

Pursuit was the right choice for me because from the moment I walked into the front door it felt like home.

 The people were extremely nice and welcoming, but even more so they were willing to guide even though they didn't know me. I couldn't have asked for a better culture and for me it was an easy decision that Pursuit was the right place for me and my future.

Outside of work, I am usually at the gym or spending time with my German shepard Sabrina. During the weekends, I love traveling around DFW in search of different restaurants during the day, but by night you can usually find me two stepping in the stockyards. I am an extreme sports fanatic. I am a die hard Spurs and Broncos fan and can get pretty crazy when it comes to UFC.

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