Austin Reynaud


I was born and raised in the Emerald City known as Seattle, Washington. Growing up in the Pacific NorthWest, I always had a desire for adventure in my life. From a region that is known for hiking their beautiful mountains and trails, adventure seeking is more than fitting. My life’s favorite adventure came when attending Washington State University. In pursuit of getting my Hospitality Business Management degree, I kept a progressive mindset and always thought about what would come next. Throughout my collegiate internships within the food, beverage, and the hotel industry, I knew Texas was the place I always wanted to reside. After developing experience in the sales and recruiting industry, I knew I found the career path that perfectly suited my future. Recruiting became the perfect combination of providing opportunities and being a service to others, while also using the sales mindset that has been implanted in me from my beginning. 

After two weeks of living in the great state of Texas, I found myself preparing for my final interview with Pursuit Sales Solutions. It wasn’t a surprise how God’s plan worked so perfectly in finding my new home at Pursuit!

I couldn’t have been more excited in accepting my position with Pursuit Sales Solution as their newest Sales Recruiter, and I am even more excited for the upward mobility for not only my career here, but for the entire growth of our amazing company!   

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