Bailey Williamson

Director of Recruiting - Strategic Development

I’m a West Texas girl born and raised in God’s Country (Lubbock, TX). I am very close to my family, perhaps because growing up homeschooled meant that my siblings were my classmates. While earning my BBA from Abilene Christian University, I was involved in several clubs and organizations, allowing me to make friends that weren’t blood related. My involvement in entrepreneurial ventures during school introduced me to the startup world.

After college, I moved to Dallas and began my professional career with Pursuit! Hired as the 5th member of the team, I love being a part of our exponential growth. 

With a passion for helping others, I thrive in our positive, high energy environment of sales recruiting.

My passion for relationships doesn’t stop when I leave work. My primary hobbies include spending time with friends, traveling, and dominating at Catan. If you see a lady zooming through Uptown on a Bird scooter with a Yorkie chasing close behind, be sure to wave hello!

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