Christian Norton


I grew up as an Army Brat in the hills of Georgia before moving to Mckinney, Texas at a very young age. I was raised in the small town of Melissa, Texas where I realized I had a passion for people and a very competitive spirit. These two combined with one another pushed me to crave a life of positive impact towards others.

Later, after graduating from The University of North Texas with a BS in Communications & Psychology, I knew that my trajectory was inevitably leading towards sales. I worked for a market-leading Tech Wellness company where my passion for people grew even more, as well as for the overall longevity of life. I want to not only add years to my life but I want to add life to my years. I do that by staying active, competitive, wild, and constantly seeking out the next adventure. 

I've been blessed with the opportunity to join the family here at Pursuit and I could not be more excited to grow as not only an employee but a man of character rooted in excellence. 

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