Jake Vines

VP of Channel Partnerships

Dallas has been home for most of my life. After graduating from Lake Highlands High School, I traveled every bit of 90 miles to Waco, TX and attended Baylor University where I walked the stage with a degree in Entrepreneurship. I played football for the Bears for a little while until I realized that, at that level, you have to actually enjoy playing football! (There’s more to that story if you ever want to hear it, was an impactful period for me).

After Baylor, I circled through various sales positions before landing at Pursuit. The journey here has been incredible and have been fortunate to work with a ton of awesome people and companies. 

My focus has been in software, where I work on developing meaningful relationships with sales leaders and companies, right here in Texas. I am on a mission to build a quality network filled with star talent and high growth software organizations.

On the weekends you will find me playing basketball or soccer (challengers accepted), watching movies, eating on a patio, and listening to live music. Most importantly, I’ve put my trust in Jesus and stumble forward along the path to become the man He’s created me to be. Go Bears.

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