Kenny Iloka


Born and raised in Southwest Houston Texas (AKA The SWAT), a melting pot of culture and diversity. I am the middle child of four extremely competitive second-generation Nigerian children. Growing up, it was instilled in me at an early age that nothing in life is handed to you without hard work, intention, and discipline. My parents worked diligently to emphasize the importance of education, career development, and athletics as foundational necessities and it was expected that myself and my siblings were competing at a high level in all of our endeavors.

This determination allowed me the opportunity to showcase my talents at the collegiate level at TCU, where I played 3 seasons of football. After graduating with a degree in communications, I shifted my focus off the football field and into sales. My competitive nature has allowed me a 5-year career in the IT/Software sales profession, it was there that I was able to cultivate a ton of great relationships, gain valuable experience, and make some good money along the way. I have deeply enjoyed my time in sales, however, recruiting has always been something that fascinated me. Being presented with an opportunity to join an organization like Pursuit was just the push I needed to dive into my newfound passion.

I am excited to work, learn, and connect with all my amazing colleagues here at Pursuit while I mature in my career in recruiting. But I must admit, the thing I am most looking forward to is connecting people all over the country with their dream job.

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