Medical Sales Recruiting

Pursuit partners with business by recruiting superior sales talent to your organization. We believe in humanizing the recruiting process by getting to know exactly what you need and finding the perfect person to match your profile, not just a resume.

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Medical sales
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15+ Sales Recruiters

Whether you have 1 opening or 30, our team of experienced sales recruiters have the capacity to get the job done for you.

Candidate Seekers

We believe most of the best talent is not actively looking for a job. We hunt down the “passive” sales talent and sell them on your job opportunity.

Honesty + Accountability

Our word means something. We strive to live above reproach and provide you with transparency and accountability through the process.

One Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager is your single point of contact, and is focused on you having a great experience with us.

Properly Vetted

We ensure the candidates fit not only what is important to you on paper, but also that the person fits the culture of your team.

Technology Driven

We take a modern approach to an old school industry and that gives us an edge when finding the right candidates for your job.

Kyle Rhoad

Kyle Rhoad Millennium Health Regional Manager

Pursuit prioritizes what's important to our needs. They take the time to connect with me live to listen to exactly what I am looking for in a candidate, and that personal touch goes a long ways. It's always open and honest communication on both ends, which ultimately gets us to our desired result quicker!

Building trust through relationships

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